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NNP is found in SNNPRS between the two Great Rift Valley lakes (Chamo& Abaya) near Arba-Minch town & located about 500 & 270km south of Addis Ababa and Hawassa, respectively.


The Park is fortunate in possessing a number of rivers, streams & lakes (Abaya, Chamo and HaroRopi Lakes) which are reason for the rich wildlife resources of the area.  Kulufo River originates from the western highlands of the area and cross the western side of the park and feeds

Lake Chamo (the largest river feeding this Lake). Sarmele River is one of the rivers that rise from the eastern highlands of the Amaro Mountains crossing the eastern part of the park and join with Segen River. 


The NNP is shelter for over some 104 small, medium, and larger species of mammals, 351 species of birds and 1000 species of vascular plants. The park is known for its beautiful natural scenery and varieties of mammals and avian species. Among mammals: Burchel’s zebra, Grant’s gazelle, greater kudu, waterbuck, Guenther’s dik-dik, bushbuck, jackal, spotted hyena, leopard, lion, cheetah serval-cat, honey badger, coloubs-monkey, vervet monkey,  olive-baboon, wild dog and  caracal are common & conspicuous.

Among the avian the endemic Nech-Sar Nightjar and the globally threatened lesser-kestrel, lesser-flamingo and phalied-harrier are very well known.   The park is very well-known for its good populations of the giant Nile crocodile population. Lake Chamo is the only site in the world to see the unique giant Nile crocodile population with herds of hippopotamus and congregation of waterfowls. The very well known crocodile market, where hundreds of giant Nile crocodile seen on the shore of lake Chamo (bask the morning and the late afternoon sun), Nech-Sar plains, the bridge of God or heaven, the Arba-Minch  forest and the forty springs and the two great Rift Valley Lakes (Lake Abaya &Chamo) are typical features of Nech-Sar national park attracting many domestic and foreign tourists



The Park is 500km and 275 km from to the south of Addis Ababa and Hawassa, respectively. The road from Arba-Minch town (Sikela) to the head quarter of park covers a distance of 1.5km. The park has about 180 km internal roads which lead to the different attraction sites of the park.

Scenic Value

The landscape of NNP is surrounded by Lakes from north and south by the chained Amaro Mountains to the east and by the escarpments of Arba-Minch town to the west... The landscape is breathtaking and important for sustainable eco-tourism development. The following attractions are commonly visited by many national & foreign tourists and famous. This includes the forty springs, crocodile market, Arba-Minch ground forest, Arba-Minch Hot springs, and the Bridges of God are attractions found in the park.

Around the park: Crocodile ranches (one governmental & one private), Guge mountains, Dorze landscape & cultural villages, Lake Chamo& Abaya and the cultural life and social & traditional practices of the surrounding people..

Nech Sar National Park
Nech Sar National Park


Nech-Sar National Park
Po. Box: 68
Telephone: +251468840408/09

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