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Tutto -Fella Megalithic Site is located in Wonago Woreda at the locality called Jemjemo. This site is 2.7km far south east of the main road. It is located at 37°N 0415707 and 0695783 at an altitude of 2004 meter a s. l. Tutto- Fella megalithic site is bounded to the South with Mekonissa, East Sokcha, North Bene Bukissa and West Kara Soditti localities. Tutto -Fella is one of the most impressive megalithic sites of the Gedeo Zone. It has a total number of 199 stelae of both phallic and anthropomorphic types (mostly anthropomorphic). The Tutto -Fella site includes 53 curved stelae covered with different symbols. Most of these stelae were re-erected during the study of the site by the French archaeologist, Roger Joussaume between 1993 and 1997. The stelae in Tutto- Fella are smaller in size compared to other standing stones that are found in other megalithic sites of the Gedeo zone. The height of the largest stelae measures 2.20 m. with a circumference of 90cm. whereas of the smallest stelae is less than 50cm height. Most of the stelae are engraved with enigmatic symbols notably human face above their neck with large eyes. Little is known about the origin of these stelae or their purpose and no one knows also about the societies that erected them. These stelae are essentially grave stones and a number of excavations that carried on the stelae site revealed artefacts such as iron, copper braclet, human bones, pottery, beads, and tools which were buried alongside the occupants .The study of the stelae site of Tutto- Fella between 1993 and1997 has shown the presence of two successive cemeteries positioned one over the other. The upper layer consists of stone tumulus of 100sq.m. On this tumulus , several stelae are erected , though many of them are now broken. 



These stelae are anthropomorphic which are associated with graves containing from one to three bodies, buried among the stones of the tumulus. Below at lower level are phallic stelae marking graves cut into the ground surface. Some of the Tutto -Fella stelae are either standing or inclining. Some of them are either lying on the ground or buried under the ground. Some of them were removed from their original position for different purposes, like for construction of temporary shelter. The presence of two types of stelae in Tutto- Fella site seems to suggest that they were cemetery of different individuals of varying ranks in society, like religious, political, and military status. This hypothesis was supported by the discovery of different artifacts and human bones under the stelae during an archaeological research by Rodger Joussaume. 


Majority of megalithic stelae of the Tutto- Fella site are stretched north south in arranged pattern and in row. Some of the stelae have no orientation, but most of them face to the east. Roger Joussaume assumed that two different generations used the same site for burial in different periods in Tutto -Fella megalithic structure. The result of his research also indicated that most of the anthropomorphic stelae of the tumulus at Tutto- Fella had been made by remodeling phallic stelae taken from under lying layer.


Tuto- Fella Megalithic Stelea sites

Tuto- Fella Megalithic Stelea sites


Tuto Fella Megalithic sites