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Tiya Stelae

Tiya stelae site is one of the nine world heritages of Ethiopia which is registered by UNESCO in 1980. It is found in Gurage zone in Sodo wereda along the road between The Addis Ababa and Butjira. It is about 88k.m from Addis Abeba and 205 k/.m from Hawassa.The site contains more than 37 stelaes. According to the recent archeological excavations the stelae were erected in the cemetery, between 12th and 14th centuries. More over the excavations has revealed that the stelae mark mass graves of both male and female individuals aged between 18 to 30 years old laid to the rest a fatal position. The largest of which stands up to 3.9m high. The stelae have carvings representing circles, swords and what appear to be podgy leaves rising on a stem from a rectangular base. The twin –leaves look like so-called false bananas, a type of plantation grown widely in the area.

Tiya Stele


Tiya Stele
Tiya Stele Gurage Zone