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Halaba Special Woreda

Halaba Kulito Town is the administrative &commercial center of the Halaba special woreda.It lies on the main high way route that runs from Shashemene to Arbaminch with 310 kms from Addis Ababa &85kms from Hawassa .This pleasant town is surrounded by various amazing attraction including






Gedeo Zone

Dilla Town  is administrative center of the Gedeo zone. It is one of the largest & fast growing town in the region. The town lies with a distance of 365kms & 90kms from Addis Ababa & Hawassa on the main High way route of Moyale.  The town is surrounded by  famous historical stelae sites known as Tutufela & ChelbaTutiti sites & coffee producing areas particularly the best known “yirgachef” coffee site. Moreover it is also pleasant to see the agro forestry activities of the surrounding rural people .This pleasant green side town can be arrived by regular public bus & mini bus services from Addis Ababa as well as from Hawassa & Shashemene.  The town can also offers efficient & adequate services including 24 hours hydro electric power supply , Telephone (Regular & mobile) ,Internet access, Banking & insurance, water & fuel supply and healthy facilities.