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Sede   is found in Yerga Chefe Woreda in Sede Kebele at a village called Kib. The megalithic site of Sede is bounded to the North from the town of Yirgachefe, South with Wotte (Kochere Woreda), and West with Haru and in the East with Udessa.


Sede is located 8 km from the main international road that connect Ethiopia with Nairobi. Geographically, it is located at 6° 07‘06.0‘‘north latitude and 038° 10‘59.8‘‘East  longitude  at an altitude of 2186 meter above sea level. It is a protected area which has thirty- five meter  length and 30 meters width. The core of the site has an area of 2,950sq.m. This site is also found at the top of a small hill which is covered with bushes and coffee trees. No one knows when, for what purpose and who erected the stelae at Sede. The total number of stelae in Sede site is 486. The megalithic stelae of Sede are various in sizes with cylindrical, flat and quadrangular shape also rectangular. Some Sede  stelae are decorated which  are analogous with that of Tuto- Fela and Chalba- Tutiti stelae decorations. The heights of the long stele measures 2.60 in meter and the circumference is 1.28 meter. 

Sede Megalithic Site
Sede Megalithic Site


Sede Megalithic site