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It is obvious that in the region towns, mostly Saturday is market day. Tourists find the open air market of south omo very impressive & strange because of the different crafts, cereals & vegetables. Cultural souvenirs, bargaining style of the local people. Different nation’s nationalities observed in the market while they are making intricately the different baskets & adorning them with d/f colored animals skin.  

Open Market
Open Market

Market Day in the Omo Valley


A terrific way of seeing some of the colorful Omo people is at the local market. The most interesting markets include

                 Arbore                    Friday

                 Dimeka                   Tuesday and Saturday

                 Jinka                       Tuesday and Saturday

                 Konso                     Monday and Thursday

                 Keyafar                  Thursday

                 Turmi                      Monda

                 Weyto                    Sunday