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ONP is one of the largest and biologically rich National Parks in Africa which is found in SNNPRS of Ethiopia & located about 870 and 655km southwest of Addis Ababa and Hawassa, respectively.



The Park is fortunate in possessing a number of rivers and streams which ultimately drains to Omo River. The name of the park derived  the famous river that passes following the eastern boundary of the park called Omo River.


In this park 325 species of birds and 75 species of mammals have been recorded.  Eland, cheetah, elephant,giraffe, buffalo, lion, leopard, lelwel hartebeest, tiang, Oryx, Burchell's zebra, Lesser kudu, de Brazzas monkey, common baboon and gureza, ostrich on the plains and the endemic black-winged love bird  are among others typical features of ONP..  


Access is one of the great problems of Omo National Park due to lack of bridge over the Omo River.  The road from  Jinka to the bank of Omo river dry-weather  road covering a distance of 85km and then need to cross the river using either local boat or Motorboat available in the station. After crossing the river, it is Omo National Park. From the bank of the river (the other side), need to drive some 30km to arrive the park head quarter called Muei. It is also possible to use the road from Adiss- Jima–Maji road (special better during the dry season) form the other sides of the park (west)

Scenic value

Omo National Park is one of the largest National parks in the country and covers an area of 4068 km2 This Park is abundant with plant species, riverbank forests, savannahs, grassy plains, mountains & valleys. Beautiful landscape, Hot springs, different rivers, which feed the Omo River. Eland is one of attractive wild animals in Omo National Park. This animal is no longer in existence in other parts of the country roam in the park wilderness. The park is the stranglehold for wild life and the only best wilderness site to see large herds of African Elephants & Buffalos, Elands, Tiang, Hartebeests (lewelle), Gazelle, Oryx, Giraffe in the country. Besides, the area out side the park is also very breathtaking .There are also eight different ethnic groups living around the ONP who has their own culture, language, norm, lifestyles.  These people have appreciable and untouched culture & traditional life style including lip plate & body coloration of Surma&Mursi people. 

Administrative Map

Administrative Map of Omo National Park
Administrative Map of Omo National Park



Omo National Park
JInka or Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority
Addis Ababa