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Konso Cultural landscape was inscribed by Unesco as world heritage site in June 2011.
Some of the major Cultural properties that constitute the Konso Cultural Landscape World Heritage Site are:
1. The traditional stone walled towns (Paleta) and their organization and associated cultural properties including the Kanta (Ward system), Mora (Cultural space), with its men -house (Pafta), Generation marker tree (Olayta), erected stones (Daga-hela and Daga-diruma)
2. The dry stone terrace (kabata), used for water and soil conservation
3. The traditional maintained grooves (forests) which serve as a refuge for many endemic plants
4. The burial marker statuettes (Waka) made of wood and unique to Konso people
5. The ponds (Harta)
6. The active traditions of Konso (erecting stelae)
The aforementioned cultural properties are listed on UNESCO world heritage sites.