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Gedeo is one of the nations found in the region. Gedio’s are known for Agro-forestry practice in which diffrent indigenous tree species, enset (False banana), coffee and other plants of spice and medicinal nature were planted, protected and conserved around the living house and in the cultivation land. Thos practice has been carried out for more than 5000 years by
indigenous forest management practice called Babo. Thee things are important for the people: forest, Enset and Coffee . The Bambue culture encourages sustainable utilization of the forest by prohibiting timbet use of the forest and/or replantation of trees in place of cut trees. It also discourages deforestation by socially discrimination of individuals taking part in forest destruction. GAF is the secret in which more than 600 agriculturalist people living in a kilometer square land while keeping intact forest for thousands of years.