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An invitation to a coffee ceremony denotes friendship and respect. A woman begins the ceremony in a corner of the house by scattering fresh cut grass which provides a fresh scent. She seats herself on a stool before a charcoal brazier. Incense burns to enhance the atmosphere. She roasts the coffee beans in a pan over the coals shaking them in order to roast them evenly. As they roast, guests draw the aromatic smoke toward themselves breathing deeply as a polite gesture. Next, the woman grounds the roasted beans with a mortar and pestle. The pestle's pounding noise serves as an invitation for everyone to join the coffee ceremony. The coffee is then brewed in a traditional ceramic coffee pot or a natural bamboo cup. She serves the coffee in a small cup with three spoonfuls of sugar. Traditional ensete, or false banana (Ensete ventricosum), bread is often served with the coffee. When the first pot is finished the woman will often brew another pot. Tradition allows for three rounds of coffee to be brewed with the same grounds. This ceremony signifies solidarity in the community which is especially important in times of food shortage.