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Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sport Bureau of the nation's nationalities, nationalities and peoples study, preserve and develop the history, language, heritage, art and other cultural and natural resources and the quality and efficiency of our tourism service institutions By promoting the economic benefits of the sector, we are working on a mission to benefit our people.

In the sports sector, we must focus on the right of citizens to become productive citizens with a good moral and universal fitness, while maintaining the public base of sports and building new facilities in schools and other areas.

Today, our country is on the path of change that Ethiopia is traveling through, and has won most of the world by our side. This is not only detrimental to the good looks and reputation of our country and region, but it can also reduce the income we earn from the tourism sector by keeping people safe and in peace. We need to stand guard for our peace.

More than seventy percent of the nation's nationalities, nationalities and peoples in our country, 56 of them live in our region, have made our region at the forefront of cultural values ​​and made us the smallest Ethiopia. This shows that our region is rich in natural, cultural and historical resources, and in particular the UNESCO's 12 artifacts, our region is one of three permanent monuments and one indispensable heritage, the first to mark Sidama's national chronology.

As a tourist destination, we are in a better position because of the diversity of cultural resources, decoration, nutrition, and various historical amenities available in our region. There are seven national parks that are rich in natural resources in our region, five of which are the Mongoose, Maze, Gabe, LocaAbias, and most of the African elephants, known for their wealth. It also makes us unique, where language speakers live.

One of the things that our people still need to focus on in terms of tourism and cultural resources that we still have, is that one of the things that needs to be addressed is the need to document and develop a language that is unique. The task of reaching out to a successor generation and rescuing the new generation requires the focus of the work of preserving the new generation.

We need to upgrade the sector by providing quality and standard services to extend the duration of the tourist season. We must strive for better results by engaging our people to create a healthy and active citizen in the sports sector. I call on the community and stakeholders to stand by us to promote the equal benefit of our people for tourism, culture and sports.


Thank you!

Hailemariam Tesfaye Denbobi

With title of vice president head, Culture Tourism & Sport Bureau and Social Cluster Coordinator

አቶ ኃ/ማርያም ተስፋዬ ዶንቦቢ

በምክትል ር/መስተዳድር ማዕረግ የባህል ቱሪዝምና ስፖርትቢሮ ኃላፊና የማህበራዊ ክላስተር አስተባባሪ