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Many of the ethnic groups decorate their body by painting body. Painting produced locally from clay and mixed with other pigments extracted from plants, locally available vegetable pigments on face, chest, arms, legs etc are also common clothing of the lower omo people is simple and effective a short wrap around toga, enhanced with iron rings and other craft jewelry. The women walk bare breasted, wearing a simple short skirt made for goat skin lather, the hems elaborately decorated with metal works.


Hairstyles, however, are more elaborate, fashioned with razor sharp knives and adorned with a skull- cap of red mud. Hammer women wear their hair in dense ring lets smeared with mud and clarified butter and topped off with head-dress featuring oblongs of gleaming aluminum and beaten tin plates. Hammer Dassenches, Nyangatom and Kara men form a ridge of plaited hair and clay to hold their hair feathered headwear in place.