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Arba-Minch Crocodile Ranch is located in Gamogofa zone some 500km and 270 km south west of Addis Ababa and Hawassa, respectively, in Gamo-Gofa Zone. Arba-Minch Crocodile Ranch is one of the biggest &the only ranch in Ethiopia It is situated at the south west shore of Lake Abaya and adjacent to “Nechi-Sar” National Park. The ranch was established in 1984 and it lies on an area of 3 hectare of land with the objectives


  1. To produce and export crocodile  skins and meat  to world market, and
  2. To contribute for the conservation of the globally threatened crocodile population

Arba Mich Crocodile Ranch
Arba Mich Crocodile Ranch


Socio-economic importance of the ranch:

 The establishment of the ranch attracts many foreign and domestic tourists in the area and it is one of the attractions being reason for the development of Arba-Minch Town. Apart from raising crocodiles for the commercial purpose, the ranch releases a certain number of grow ups to lake Chamo and Abaya in order not to deplete the wild population. Currently there are almost 700 crocodiles preserved in separate place according to their age.