National Cultural Coffee Ceremony and Exhibition Festivity coming soon!
Ethiopian’s most favorite beverage is by far the Ethiopian coffee. Ethiopia is believed to be the birth place of coffee.  It is from this historic land the coffee plant introduced to human society or for the world as a prominent stimulant. The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is more than just sipping good cup of home brewed coffee. It is an important cultural ritual that has been passed from generation to generation in the country and seeing of it is food of mind. The coffee ceremony is considered to be the most important social occasion in many villages and it is a sign of respect and relationship to be invited to a coffee ceremony. Guests at a ceremony may discuss on various topics concerning to their day to day affairs.
The Motto for the coffee festivity
“Coffee for our cultural diversity and economic development”
To be held on December 24- 26/2017 at Bonga.
National Cultural Coffee Ceremony and Exhibition Festivity Organized with the collaboration of Ethiopian National Cultural Center  SNNPRS Culture and Tourism Bureau and Kaffa Zone Administration. 

  • Come and Enjoy a Cup of Ethiopian’s Finest Coffee.
  • Visit Internationally Recognized Kaffa Coffee Biosphere.

Messages to remind:

  • Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee species ǃ
  • Let us promote our cultural coffee ceremony to the international community ǃ
  • Coffee is the backbone of Ethiopian economy ǃ
  • Coffee ceremony is our unique icon ǃ

Just much to say about Ethiopian coffee ǃ