Fiche Chambalaala is coming soon!!
Sidama people’s New Year festival “Fiche Chambalaala” will be held on June 12th and 13th, 2018.
Fiche Chambalaala is one of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritages in Ethiopia. “Fiche” means New Year’s Eve and “chambalaala” means New Year’s Day in Sidama language.
Sidama people have their own calendar which is different from Ethiopian Calendar. Sidama people’s astrologists, “Ayanto”, observe the position of stars and the moon and they decide their calendar. The date of Fiche Chambalaala for this year was decided and announced by “Ayanto”, according to their observation.
On New Year’s Eve, June 12th, there will be ceremony in Sidama Cultural Hall, Hawassa.
On New Year’s Day, June 13th, Sidama people will gather at “Gudumale”, a public space in Sidama community. They will celebrate New Year with traditional dance and music. “Gudumale” in Hawassa is the largest one in Sidama Zone. Many Sidama people from rural area join cerebration in Hawassa’s Gudumale.
International and local tourists can join this New Year’s celebration. You will experience traditional and cultural practice of Sidama people.