The 3rd Culture and Tourism Festival will be held in Arba Minch!
“The 3rd Culture and Tourism Festival” will be held from Thursday May 3 to Tuesday May 8 in Arba Minch.
This festival is organized in cooperation with National Cultural Center, Arba Minch University, Gamo Gofa Zone Culture, Tourism and Government Communication Affairs Department and SNNPR Culture and Tourism Bureau.
This year’s slogan is “Our culture and tourism resources for our unity and sustainable development”.
 During the festival, visitors can see cultural activities including traditional dance and music from all nation, nationalities and people from South Region. You can see exhibitions concerning to cultural, historical or tourism attractions in SNNPR. You can also buy various handicrafts at event site.
Besides this attractive festival, Arba Minch and its surrounding is one of big tourist destinations in SNNPR. Arba Minch is situated between 2 lakes, Abaya Lake and Chamo Lake. Visitors can enjoy beautiful scenery of 2 lakes.
For further information about tourist attractions around Arba Minch, please refer to our website: Tourist>Tourist Destination Route>Southern Route>Gamo Gofa Zone.
<<The 3rd Culture and Tourism Festival – Event Information>>
Date: Thursday May 3 to Tuesday May 8
Hour: approximately from 8:30am to 5:30pm
Venue: Culture Center in Secha area, Arba Minch City
          Near to Bekele Mola Hotel